Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rather Recent Obsessions

1. Gauged ears.
I have just recently started to gauge my ears, and right now they're down to a fourteen. I would love to get them to a ten, but I doubt that will happen soon since my father is less than pleased about the whole stretching my ears thing. I have some very cute barbells that I'm wearing as soon as I get used to the tapers. I really like them a lot, just how they look. It's kinda different form my style, so I think It'll be a really cool change.

2. Macklemore

This guy has soul. Honestly, tons of it. He's one of my inspirations right now. He talks about real things, growing up and struggling. Right now he's actually right up there with Atmosphere with me. However, Atmosphere will always be first. There's this passion in his eyes, you see it especially when watching him in live videos. You know he's serious about what he does.

3. The Hobbit

A few weeks ago I saw the commercial for The Hobbit, which is coming out in December of next year. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen tied into about a minute and thirty seconds. I've always wanted to read the book series, and I figured now was the time, if ever. It's long overdue, I know, but I truly can't wait. I started reading the Hobbit on my kindle, it's written so beautifully!! I love it.