Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hey guys! My name is Hannah, and I'm fifteen years old and a sophomore in Highschool. I've had a few blogs before, but they've always stopped because I end up not really knowing what to say! I thought I'd start fresh and new, and decide to just post what I like because I like it. Post things I care about and other stuff like that, and through that you'll probably get to know me a bit better. (whoever decides to follow me, that is!)
Just a heads up, guys, my life is ridiculous right now! I was just cast as one of the leads in the play Antigone, I am an avid swimmer and I do need to see my best friends occasionally. I'm not sure how often I'll post, but hopefully it will be good quality stuff about life and the beauty of it and all that happy peppy jazz stuff.
Some quick stuff about me:
- I love to read and write and be creative when I can.
- My best friend is my cousin Carlyn, she is three years older then me but I see no problem in that.
- I don't need no man to make me happy
- I like to swim and act, but sometime those conflict.
- Music is the reason I breath.

So those are just a few things, yanno, the kinds of things I would say if I met you for the first time. ("hello, i'm hannah. I like to read, my best friend is in college and i'm single! I like to act and sing and I LOVE MUSIC" ...that's normal, right?)

Well, since it's a sunday night at the ripe old time of 9:45, I think I'll be getting off.


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